About CRP Tax Service.

CRP Tax Service
661 West Main Street
Spartanburg, SC 29301
☏ 864.587.1709

CRP TAX SERVICE was founded in 1984 at my home on Carlisle Bennett Road in Spartanburg as a part time job. I was employed by Hoechst fibers until November 1989 when the department closed due to the marker situation.

I already had a small client base and decided to start filing tax returns electronically. I applied for and was granted an electronic tax return originator in 1989 and was the 379th company in South Carolina to offer electronic tax filing.

I set up an office at 1413 W.O. Ezell Blvd in 1990 and stayed there until 2014 when I was forced to leave my business due to a very bad parking problem of which the landlord neglected to control.

After the tax season in 2014 I started looking for an office close to the one that I had. I found a building at 661 West Main Street in Spartanburg just 1.7 miles from my former location. I moved to the current location in October 2015. I had the building remodeled which added an increased appearance to West Main Street.

I have made many improvements to the building to make it more attractive to Spartanburg.

We greatly appreciate the support of the community that we have received and hope that your trust will help us expand our business in the future.

Look forward to helping you in the future.

Carl R. Parker